Building carpentry

Internal stairs

Bulart Construction produces internal stairs of massive wood in various forms and dimensions, depending on the aesthetic demands and the space in which the stairs should be made. There is a possibility of making gasps and fences, on an already existing stair construction.


We make fixed and folded windows and window doors made of solid wood, with standardized dimensions or custom made.


Making entrance and interior doors of massive wood with standardized dimensions or custom made.

Awnings and pergolas

Bulart Construction produces awnings and decorative pergolas in all sizes and shapes, depending on your needs. Car eaves, eaves for restaurants and cafes, eaves over entrance parties, eaves over terraces are just part of the eaves pallet we offer.
Pergolas are one of the most beautiful aesthetic complements of domestic pools. Covered with lightweight fabric or translucent materials, they provide a half-shade and a pleasant ambience in which you can enjoy even the brightest sun. This pergola has an area of about 30 square meters, with massive wooden columns erected on pylons, which at the same time also cover accessible stairs, thus forming a luxurious scenery around the pool.

Construction equipment

Bulart Construction offers various solutions for equipping your yards. From the range of garden equipment, you can choose:

  • Summerhouses
  • Decks
  • Garden furniture
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Toolsheds
  • Pet houses

These products are made in various quantities and sizes, depending on the wishes of the investor.

The wooden summerhouses are the right choice for refining the yard. They are simple and quick to build and unlike steel galleries, they are much warmer and aesthetically more acceptable to yard arrangement.



Garden furniture



Pet houses

Laminated carriers

Bulart Construction produces glued laminated carriers with a maximum length of 10 meters and a maximum cross-section of 20cm x 60cm.

Roofed carriers are built to a certain radius..