Bulart Construction is a construction company that deals with finishing works in the construction, woodworking, construction of prefabricated houses and all kinds of brick-built structures, according to the principle "key to hand".

Located in the village Smilkovci, the production plant extends to an area of 1000m2, equipped with a series of machines that serve for rough and fine wood processing, as well as for manufacturing semi-prefabricated and fully fabricated elements for the construction of commissioned objects.

Within the production plant there is also the administrative and design department, which serves for receiving clients, project development and ongoing monitoring of the production process.


Since the beginning of our existence, our company has been dedicated to quality workmanship and completely meeting your needs. The main commitment of our company is to promote the tree as a natural, cheap and renewable building material, which is also an inseparable part of the Macedonian building tradition. By continuing the commitment to building environmentally and energetically efficient facilities, Bulart Construction aims to contribute to a better quality of life for the users themselves and at the same time contribute to preserving nature, providing a better future for us all.


Bulart Construction offers quality and prompt construction of all finishing works in construction, as well as painting services, electricity, plumbing, sanitary ware and other craft services available for the needs of your home or your business area.

Bulart Construction is developing design solutions for all types of category 4 and 5 objects, as well as interior solutions for already constructed objects. The solutions are presented through technical drawings and appropriate spatial visualizations.



  • Address: Nikola Kirov - majski no.5a, Gazi Baba, Skopje
  • tel/fax: +389 2 555 719
  • Mob: +389 070 340 315
  • E-mail: info@bulartconstruction.com